At-Large Recorder 2.4 New Addon

Introducing At-Large Recorder 2, VCR-like software that lets you record video directly from your Sling Media SlingBox device on any Windows PC. You can record right away, or schedule multiple programs to record later automatically. It's really easy to use.

Unlike previous versions of At-Large Recorder, version 2 works with ANY version of the SlingPlayer software or firmware.

Here's more benefits of At-Large Recorder 2:

Record immediately, or schedule recordings for a later time and channel.
Import and Save SlingBox configurations for reuse.
Save channel and show times for reuse.
Watch and record simultaneously.
Pause and resume while watching live.
Recordings are saved as unprotected, fully-functional Windows Media video files.
Recorded videos are perfect reproductions of the original stream.
Record from multiple SlingBox devices simultaneously.
Continuous Recording option is handy for archiving security camera feeds or media monitoring.
Supports all Slingbox models, including the Slingbox Pro, Slingbox AV, Slingbox Solo, and Slingbox Classic.



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