uTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint. It was designed to use as little cpu, memory and space as possible while offering all the functionality expected from advanced clients. Multiple simultaneous downloads .Configurable bandwidth scheduler.Global and per-torrent speed limiting .Quick-resumes interrupted transfers. RSS Downloader .Trackerless support (Mainline DHT) .

Editor's review of uTorrent

Share files,photos and videos. Will ask you at the installation if you like to setup this file sharing application like default for opening torent files . With Speed Guide you can set the connection type (from dial-up to 100 MB transfer),run a speed test at dslreports.com,test if port is configured properly,upload limit and uploads slots,encryption,maximum active downloads or maximum active torrents.Will notify if a new version is available for download.
You can:
- Add torrent
- Add torrent (no default save)
- Add torrent from an URL
- Auto Shut Down (when downloads are complete)
- Hybernate
- Stand By
- Reboot
- RSS downloader (entire the name in URL format and will get you fresh news)
- total uploaded
- total downloaded
- total ratio
- total running time
- number of files added
- program started (number)
Filter settings:
- filter
- not
- save in
- feed
- label for new torrents
- quality
- minimum interval
- history

You can remove,pause,stop,move up or down the preferred or unwanted files when you are using utorent. Everyone is using Utorrent and Limewire
At Preferences you can choose the language (English is default,but if you want another language , will go to the Supported languages page).
1.Display options:
- show current speed in the title bar
- show graphical progress bar
- show speed limits in the status bar
- put new downloads in a specific folder
- move completed downloads to a folder
- pre-allocate all files
3.Utorrent connection:
- setup the port used for the incoming connection (have Randomize option)
- randomize port at every start of the program
- enable MAP--PMP mapping
- add it to Windows Firewall Exception (you cannot acces the Internet with utorent file sharing programs until you permit access in the firewall settings)
- alternate upload rate when you are not downloading
- maximum download rate (kb/s);you can choose unlimited
4. BitTorrent:
- number of connection
- maximum number of connected peers per torrent
- number of upload slots per torrent
- protocol encryption
- set the ratio transfer
- scheduler setting on a table with days, were you can setup the upload or download rate .
7.Other options:
- store .torrent files in a specific folder
- move jobs finished in a local directory
- automatic loads .torrents in a folder
8. Advanced Options (for advanced users):
- disk cache
- user interface (BitTorrent|www.bittorrent.com/) - Web UI

Info: www.freedownloadsplace.com

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