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These days, I've been looking for a video player worth using. Ever since BSPlayer fell into disgrace due to adware included in the free version, I searched for a neat player, simple yet powerful enough to allow me to view movies encoded with the latest technology.

In my search, I came across KMPlayer. The program has no setup kit; instead, all you need to do is to unzip the downloaded archive into a location of your choice and run the executable file. You won't need any pre-installed codecs because the producers took their time and implemented all the codecs you will need; just make sure you keep it up-to-date.

The user interface is neat and intuitive, all options are available on right click. The program has multi-language support: more than a dozen with the possibility to get more. It can handle pretty much any known video format, from 3GP to DVD.

The options are amazing. I'll just mention a few that impressed me a lot. Otherwise, you can do with this small player a lot of things: you can pan and scan video files, capture content, rotate, flip or mirror view files, load and find subtitles on the Internet. Another neat feature is the KMP built-in Winamp Preferences Panel which provides a quick access to some of Winamp's options.


Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: In case you are looking for a complete video player, with lots of playback options and filters, you might as well download this one. I know I'm in love with it.

Latest changes

- Delphi 2007 Build.
- Codec updated.
- MediaInfo Library updated(
- AC3Filter Updated. Ver 1.51(a)
- Improved support for Windows Vista.
- KMPlayer Main-Window & PlayList-Window sizing area extended 5 to 7 pixels.
- About window cleaning.
- KMPlayer default preference values adjusted.
- Fixed [Skins->Logo] feature bug in Windows Vista
- Adobe Flash Player Interface updated(Abode Flash Player 9.0 r124)
- Little speed up when Seamless Playback Opens.
- KMPlayer Album Art Supported(beta).
- Built-In Skin changed.
- Internal MOV/MP4 Spiltter can't open over 2GB MP4 and seek problem over 2GB problem fixed.
- URL Open Window(Ctrl+U) bug fixed.
- Screen Offset -> [Pan & Scan] tab bug fixed.
- Small changed(Media Info Window, System Filter Manager(Windows vista bug), ...)
- Data Path change to 'MyDocuments\The KMPlayer'. (both WindowsXP and Windows Vista)
- ShortCut Assign Ctrl+Alt+S for 'Capture/Make StoryBoard'.
- ShortCut Assign Ctrl+Alt+L for 'Skins/Logo/Manage Logo'/ Enable & Disable Open Album Art
- ShortCut Assign Shift+D for 'Favorites/'Favorites Setup'
- When PlayList resize, PlayList Top Album control panel refresh bug fixed(Windows Vista).
- Same file open algorithm adjust.(filter same file extention)
- After [Storyboard creator] window close, movie skips forward some second problem fixed.


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