CleanMem 1.3.0

The CleanMem application was designed to be a very simple to operate as it will run and clean the memory out of all processes it can, without any user input.

Some antivirus programs and such protect their processes so of course cleanmem can´t touch those.

The program will install and set it to run every 30 min via the windows task scheduler. Install it and your done! The program doesn´t run in the background, once it does its job it closes and doesn´t run again until the task scheduler runs it.

What's New in version 1.3.0:

Version 1.3.0 Added a list to give the user more control, if a person wishes to have Cleanmem only clean certain processes all they have to do is add them to the list. If the list is blank Cleanmem will clean all processes, of course skipping ones in the ignore list. I added this option for some users out there that wish to only use Cleanmem to clean a few processes and not the whole system.

What's New in version 1.2.1:

* I have updated the program setup to make the scheduled tasks better. On some machines they werent running and required the user to simply reset the settings for it to work. Hopefully this is now taken care of.

What´s New in version 1.2:

* Notes: Per user request I have added an ignore list that users can edit. This ignore list will tell cleanmem to skip any process that is listed in the list. The user who requested this wishes to run cleanmem on all their servers but they have a process they don't like touched, by anything. So to make them feel better and at ease I have added this option in.


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